If I Only Had a Brain

Yup! That’s my mantra this morning and for the past few weeks. I feel like the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz finding out how brainless I can be. I just didn’t really think about it till the other day. Then  I related it to  all of the years I’ve been alive.

See I decided to get myself healthy. Huh, you say? That’s right, I decided to get healthy at 60. Is that too late? I don’t think so, but some people think so. I’m out to prove these people dead wrong.

Is This a Better Way to Lose Weight?

To begin I want to state that the way I lost my weight isn’t exactly the best way, but it worked for me and who knows maybe it can work for you. No promises though and talk to your Doctor before trying this.

This is not a diet. There are no special drinks that guarantee weight loss. You don’t have to drink green tea if you don’t like it. There was no real exercising except for standing up and walking around my home during the day. You just have to remember 3 key words. We will get to them in a second.

Tips to Help Rock Your Day…part1

So you woke up this morning and you’re not sure where to start. Happens to more people than you know. I’m sure if you ask a few friends, they will agree that days don’t always start off well, but they come together throughout the day. The thing is you may not be having that kind of success. It gets to thinking what do they do that I don’t?