Tips to Help Rock Your Day…part 2

To Do List

See, the thing is I do not like to-do lists. I look at them as seeing my failures for a day. Think about this for one second. You make up 10 things you want to accomplish today. While doing them emergencies pop-up and other to-do things that you just remembered and you end up not finishing the original list. You feel like crap and add what you didn’t get done to the list tomorrow. Only to fail again.

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Tips to Help Rock Your Day…part1

Rock your life

What I am about to share with you was what I observed after 20 years working with people from all walks of life to come up with a way to help others accomplish their goals. A way to take pieces of other motivational speakers and turn those ideas into ideas you can call your own because you design them to fit you not anyone else.

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