This is Our Mission….It isn’t Preaching Either

This blog isn’t about teaching you health. Our mission isn’t even close to that. We aren’t here to preach nor teach a health lifestyle, mainly because I don’t really live one yet. Even when I start going completely health I still won’t be preaching about it because that isn’t our mission.    

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Talking over course of care.

What’s Your Doctor’s Appt. Like?

I thought I would highlight a little about my work as an empowered patient for myself and in trying to help others become an empowered patient. It isn’t always easy to feel like you can speak up to your Doctor but always remember you do have that right. They really aren’t better than us and [...]

Health & It’s Meaning To You: Part 2- Mental Health

Here we go again with some mental stuff. I know you’re probably sick of hearing about mental health but I am going to try and take a completely different perspective on this topic. Let’s take the negative side first. Negative thoughts can change your entire day. If you don’t believe me give it a shot [...]

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Can Daydreaming be Healthy? 2

What a day for a daydream…what a day for a daydreaming boy…. Sorry got carried away daydreaming about the Lovin Spoonful and that song. Seems so long ago but I remember it like yesterday. So is daydreaming healthy for you? Well I took about two weeks to research this topic and I’ve come up with [...]

Your Sixty, Parenting and Trying to Stay Sane a Series

When I decided to start a series on parenting in your 60′s my friend right away asked me what makes me an expert to write about this topic, to which I replied I only have experience not expertise. I hope never to be an expert in anything again in my life like I was considered [...]


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Health & It’s Meaning To You: Part 1

Health is defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary as… : the condition of being well or free from disease : the overall condition of someone’s body or mind : the condition or state of something

When a Writer Writes Like He Speaks

Steve Jobs said it best! Are you a blogger, writer of books or anything else? Maybe a journalist or marketing guru that writes copy? Do you consider yourself a good writer, an eloquent writer or some other type of writer? I am asking because there are always people online complaining about others who like to [...]



Examining and Scoring Your Quality of Life 2

A while back I was asked by a good friend to examine and score the quality of my life. The first thing that popped into my mind was this will be easy. After a few minutes of thinking I decided this would be much harder than I thought.