How To Build A Positive Body Image

The media constantly and relentlessly bombards us with images of supermodels in their skimpy attire. They send a message to us when they do this and tell us that we are not good enough or pretty enough. In this context it is incredibly hard to love your body for what it is. But if you don’t at least try to think positively you will not be able to live freely. The article below gives some tips and suggestions that will help those who are striving to embrace their curves.

Eat right and exercise

You need to eat well and exercise well so that your body will operate optimally. Embracing your curves doesn’t mean resorting to unhealthy eating habits. You shouldn’t try to starve yourself to look like a supermodel, but you shouldn’t just give into gluttony too! So try as much as you can to eat a balanced diet and exercise for 30 minutes at least every other day.

Think positive thoughts

Just because a model looks gorgeous you don’t have to think about undergoing cosmetic surgery to look like that! Understand that you look great just the way you are. You don’t have to look like the model. You have to look like yourself. There is no harm in trying to enhance your looks using beauty products. But try to do it naturally if you can. Use facial packs that you can make at home instead of spending all your money at salons getting face treatments. Just don’t get caught in this crazy rat race. Yes you have to look nice, but you don’t have to become a slave of the beauty industry. You have to have the right mindset so that you will be able to resist the lure of expensive beauty procedures that promise to alter the way you look in a day.

Understand what is real and what is not

The photos of models that you see on the internet are edited and photo-shopped and you know that. Many professional makeup artists work for hours on models and celebrities to give them even the simple ‘no makeup’ look! Don’t worry about these photos because they are not real.

Focus on things that are more important

If you have big problems like major distortions that are hampering the way you live your life, you can certainly go and visit professionals like Dr Dan Robinson and have your problems fixed. But if you are trying desperately to look like someone you see in a magazine you have to stop and divert your attention to things that are way more important. There are things that are a lot more important that your looks. Your heart needs to be big and pretty, the way you treat people needs to be right, the way you let others influence you should change. Invest your energy on these things and you will be able to live a happy life!