Living A Healthy Life Through Controlling Your Food

Whenever you sit in front of the television, how many times out of 10 do you see a cooking show? And making does it make your mouth water but did you stop to think what all those this while and those oil and sugar will do to your body?

Eating healthy

Eating healthy is easier said than done. Whenever you go out there are so many fast food restaurant not to mention places where many other cuisines are available, making you wonder “what or where I should eat next meal”. There are so many food delivery apps and other online options available that you do not step away from the chair or the sofa you are in. Human body is also like a machine. Whatever you put in will come out; as a result you can be obese or skinny. People think eating healthy is important to keep your muscles in good status, to look good from outside. But this is not true; too much of cholesterol, sugar and oily food have resulted in brain damage as well. This makes more and more people fall prey to ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease. Adults today are victims of their own mouths rather than active seniors. There has been an increasing dementia care rest homes North Shore making it evident that bad food habits can lead to brain damage and cell death. 

Importance of exercising

In addition to eating all those cholesterol filled yummy sugary food, people now are reluctant to exercise. They forget that it is a simple matter of going out, taking a walk, cycling to work or even at work walking out to have lunch rather than using a delivery service. Having walking meetings rather than sitting meetings is also a novel trend. If you can’t make time for a gym, no worries! Try yoga, Zumba or even simple dancing at home. You must burn the excess food you ate. Home cooking is also a solution where you can use more health-conscious food such as bran extract, red rice, millet and such foods. Use more greens like spinach, kale and broccoli. You may find thousands of recipes online where these can be made to taste as yummy as the oil-filled food you are used to eating.

Problems with being obese

Obesity is not only a reason to be body-shamed. It is far more dangerous. It can lead to many, many diseases such as diabetes, certain cancers, fatty liver, sleep apnea, kidney diseases and even heart diseases leading to strokes and death. Situations such as high blood pressure makes one take pills ever so often and when the elderly are under these conditions there is nothing you can do except leaving them in under great home care. The staff at these services will take good care and provide relevant medication, however, we must remember there is nothing like being healthy and fit.

One must eat to survive, and not live to eat. When they understand the rationale behind this, they can live healthily and die happily.