Top Duties Of A Bridesmaid

If you are asked to be a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding, you will no doubt be elated! Weddings are such exciting affairs and as a bridesmaid, you will get the opportunity to become a major part of a massive celebration. But as the bridesmaid, you will have a unique set of duties to fulfill on your friend’s wedding day too. Read the article below and find out about the top duties of a pretty bridesmaid!

Organize the bridal shower

You will have to organize a never-to-be-forgotten bridal shower to thrill your friend! Start looking for ideas and inspiration on the internet before you planning the event. You can consider throwing a surprise party to thrill your friend or decide to let her know in advance of your plans so she could also let you know how she would want the event to go. It’s quite important to understand the personality of your friend and have a party that will be aligned with her preferences. Just because it’s fun to throw a wild party, don’t go ahead and make big plans if your friend is more conservative in nature. Remember, the day and the event it about her.

Assist with the wedding planning

Accompany your friend to all her appointments if you are asked to do so. You can provide you assistance to her when she is picking or designing her bridal outfit too. You are expected to play a major role in your friend’s biggest day so do try as much as you can to help her with the planning.

Get yourself ready

You will also be receiving a fair share of attention on your friend’s wedding. So go to a salon and get a manicure and pedicure, go to a dentist and get your teeth cleaned, get yourself a good haircut and do a cleanup of your face. You will also be required to get your outfit ready.

Help your friend as much as you can to do this. Spend on your own dress and shoes so that your friend will not have to bear that expense too.You can consider getting zoom whitening Canberra done because you will be in lots of photos that day! Make sure you consult your friend before you go for a haircut because the new haircut must suit the wedding hairstyle that your friend has in mind for you.

Buy a unique wedding gift

You are asked to play a crucial role on your friend’s big day. So it’s necessary to think out of the box and pick a unique wedding gift for the friend. A nice gift will remain with your friend for a very long time. Every time she sees your gift in the new house she will be reminded of you! So make sure you choose a good one!